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“There are a lot of professionals in the marketplace that have very good technical knowledge, but if they don’t know the potential impact of technology in a given business situation, they may make recommendations that could be damaging to an organization. CITPs understand the business implications of their recommendations and are able to bring together technology and accounting in a way that’s most strategic for the business.”

“Having a consultant with in-depth knowledge of accounting and software is a huge advantage.”

“CPAs who hold the CITP Credential have the skills not only to provide the accounting expertise businesses need, but the end-to-end technology solutions to help re-engineer their current business processes and accounting systems.”

“Consider the value of consulting with a CPA/CITP to ensure your business is taking advantage of the true benefits. IT promises, but often can’t deliver without appropriate guidance, current knowledge and experience.”

“CPA/CITPs deal with key business initiatives that require deep business process knowledge and strong IT expertise. They help ensure the technology supports the organization’s strategy and its technical architecture and integration framework. Other professionals lack the experience in both areas necessary to bring a balanced perspective and optimized solution to the table.”

“Working with CPAs who understand and help design core systems and processes will ensure proper controls are in place, and systems and processes are designed with business value in mind. You don’t implement systems just to ‘keep up with the Joneses’ – you do it because it adds value to the business.”

“The use of IT systems in business today is a given. While we rely on IT accounting systems to ensure records are complete, accurate and reliable, it is the security and control of those systems that is needed to ensure the information is not changed or destroyed without appropriate authorization. The CPA/ CITP supports business processes by ensuring the foundational security and controls over the accounting records are protected.”

“Many [companies] get their sales through a point of sales terminal, or process Internet transactions. As an auditor, it is important to understand how those transactions flow and how they roll up into the financial statements. The CITP distinguishes CPAs with the necessary technology skills.”

“The incorporation of a CPA with the CITP credential adds a level of expertise I would not be able to add as a separate discipline. From the beginning, the CPA/CITP blended technology with cost-effective, practical solutions."

“The CPA/CITP in public practice provides value to clients by making value added recommendations"

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